An Evening of Firsts


                Well, dear readers, I had a brilliant weekend and I thought I’d drop an update here just to share a few quick thoughts with you. On Saturday, I had the great pleasure of joining my friends over at Failed Task Podcast for the recording of an episode. That’s right, my lovely voice joined that of Jake Maire, John Buchanan, and Steve Sears for an evening of discussions about toys, games, pop culture and raunchy things found on the Internet. I even got a chance to do a quick review of Dogs of War for their listeners. I was so pleased to take part in their 42nd episode– so if you have the time, please go check them out. A quick warning though: while I like to keep this blog as family friendly as possible, the content over at FTP is decidedly not, so please be responsible (ie- don’t listen to it at work and mature listeners only, please.) I had an absolutely fantastic time and I look forward to many more guest appearances on their excellent program. If you aren’t already a regular listener, I strongly urge you to check them out.

                So, other than that, it is business as usual here at A Space Ahead. Expect our latest review on Friday- what will it be? You’ll just have to wait a few more days to find out.

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