The Golden Age of Gaming ~A day of firsts and some grateful thoughts~


                Well, today was definitely a series of firsts for me, dear reader. Today, I attended Who’s Yer Con 2015 in our state capital, Indianapolis. Today was the first time that I’ve attended a convention with the intent of covering it for this humble blog that I have started, A Space Ahead. Today was the first time that I was out in public, meeting people and introducing myself as a member of the press. Today was the first time that I met and had a detailed description of a game by its designer (and get him to sign a copy!) Like I said, a lot of firsts today.
                But what struck me the most about today as I was tweeting furiously amidst the throngs of people was this: we are living in a Golden Age of Geekiness. Just this week, we saw two trailers released- one for a new Star Wars film, the other for a film based on the DC comics universe. We have people whose main hobby is dressing up as their favorite characters from video games, films, comics, novels- you name it. We have people such as myself, who go out into this world to talk about all this stuff.

                And here’s the seemingly crazy part: all of this is done out in the open, with no fear of reprisal or mocking. What once was something to be ashamed of is now done openly and proudly. You may not believe this, (if you are one of my younger readers) but our interests were not always at the forefront of our pop culture. We are truly in a Golden Age of Gaming, dear readers- and I am so happy and blessed to be experiencing it with all of you.

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