Busy, busy, busy


Well, ladies and gentlemen, my dear readers, I have some great news. First, though, the bad news- there will not be any content posted this week. Why is this? Well the reason is the first bit of good news. The reason is that I will be at GenCon in Indianapolis from Thursday, July 30th to Sunday, August 2nd. You’ll be able to spot me, I’ll be sporting the fancy A Space Ahead T-shirt and bustling here, there and everywhere.

However, fear not! For those of you not attending GenCon, I will be live tweeting the entire experience, which you can follow on Twitter through @ASpaceAhead or on our Facebook page, which is instantly updated with any of our tweets. (Seriously, though- if you haven’t started following us on Twitter and Facebook yet, what are you waiting for?) I will be giving you impressions of game demos, chats with developers, pictures and (maybe if you’re lucky) the occasional video of terrible sound quality shot with my phone. So stay tuned for that!

In other news, this year we are taking part in the Extra Life charity fundraiser. I will soon post an update devoted specifically to this including a link to our fundraising page, information about the hospital for which we will be fundraising, and other fun stuff. Our event itself will be on November 7th and yours truly will attempt to play board games for 24 hours straight, all in the name of charity and good will (the concept, not the store.)

And finally, our About Us page will soon be receiving a major over-haul. Some people here at A Space Ahead have stepped down from their roles, while others have risen to take their place. Also, we have a new contributor on the horizon who is planning on talking the thorny issue of reviews of strictly two-player games, something that I’m sure we’ll all find very eye opening.

So, that’s all from me for now. If you are attending GenCon and want to say hello, feel free to approach and say hello. I love talking to all fans of gaming in all its myriad forms. See you all soon and be safe out there.

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