Taking The Good With The Bad ~An In-Depth Look at Munchkin~


                Throughout the gaming community, one game in particular has received a bad rap. No, I’m not talking about Settlers of Catan(that is an article for another day.) No, today, dear reader, I would like to talk to you about a fantastically successful series of games that strangely enough, … [Read more…]

Come Together ~The age of the ogre~

                There have been some explosively dramatic developments in the world of geek culture as of late. We find ourselves in a unique situation as geeks. We are present to witness real change in our world, culture and hobbies. Sadly, it isn’t all uplifting as that sounds-we’re also present to witness death threats, ogre-like behavior … [Read more…]

Portrait of a Gamer- Wendi Ketchem ~Part 2: Down to business~


                In the first half of this interview (check it out if you haven’t already) I sat down with Wendi Ketchem, the manager of my local game store- The Game Preserve. We talked about her history with gaming and her experience attending different gaming conventions. This week, I present to you the second half of … [Read more…]